Complimentary Seminar at NorthWest Arkansas Community College Washington County in Springdale, AR

Optimizing Your Tax Strategy & Surviving Market Volatility

Gain Control of Your Taxes & Keep More of Your Hard-Earned Money in Retirement

Do you have a plan to ensure you won’t pay more than your fair share to the IRS? With NEW legislation that may increase tax rates, a growing national debt, market volatility and uncertainty around future Social Security benefits, there are a lot of unknowns and risks in retirement to consider. Is your existing strategy strong enough to survive?

Join us for an informative presentation to learn about the latest strategies to help preserve your assets, maximize your retirement income, reduce market risk and potentially lower your taxes.

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Event Details

NorthWest Arkansas Community College Washington County
6101 Watkins AvSpringdale, AR 72762

Event Options:
– NWACC Washington County on August 3 at 3:30 p.m.
– NWACC Washington County on August 3 at 6:30 p.m.

Join us for a special presentation at NorthWest Arkansas Community College Washington County while we discuss the following important topics for those in or nearing retirement:

  • What’s changing for taxes and Social Security in 2023².
  • The impact that proposed changes to tax laws³, market volatility and rising inflation may have on your retirement income¹.
  • Why taxes may be one of your biggest retirement expenses without a proper plan in place.
  • Immediate actionable steps to protect your savings from heavy, unnecessary “retirement taxes.”
  • How you can create tax-free retirement income and potentially lower your tax bracket in retirement.
  • Ways you may be able to lock-in historically low tax rates now, before proposed tax changes³ go into effect.
  • Planning for longevity, inflation and future tax increases to ensure you won’t OUTLIVE your money in retirement.
  • Social Security strategies to help minimize taxes on your benefits.
  • Tax strategies to help preserve more of your assets to create a lasting legacy for your loved ones.
  • Understanding other potential tax risks that may derail your retirement and how you may be able to avoid them.

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Why attend?

This seminar combines two empowering elements:

Professional Insight

Live instruction from knowledgeable financial professionals, in an engaging, easy-to-understand format.

Actionable Next Steps

An opportunity to receive a plan for retirement income that may help you reduce your tax exposure and keep more of your hard-earned money.

Unnecessary taxes can be one of the BIGGEST expenses in retirement if not properly planned for.

Don’t miss the chance to learn how to REDUCE some of your tax exposure in retirement, so you can create tax-efficient retirement income and potentially save thousands of dollars.
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Jeff Huff, ChFC®, CFP®
Owner & President | Lighthouse Planning Partners

For more than 20 years, Jeff has been helping clients implement comprehensive systems for both wealth accumulation and tax minimization strategies completely independent of any outside influence. A Christian planner who is honest, knowledgeable and generous, Jeff exists to help clients navigate the different phases of their financial lives while growing through understanding and implementing Kingdom principles. He is committed to keeping clients informed of how their money is working for them, always putting their needs first.

Jeff loves helping people achieve their retirement goals by designing wealth building, retirement income and distribution strategies. His desire to keep learning drives him, as well as the encouragement of his wife and two daughters. To best serve his clients, Jeff holds the Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) and the Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) designations. Jeff is also a Chartered Leadership Fellow® (CLF®) through the American College.

Outside of work, Jeff enjoys biking, golfing and time spent with his wife over morning coffee. He is involved with his church and has a passion for foreign missions. Jeff is currently completing a master’s degree program through Southwestern Theological Seminary.

Jason Kaundart
Advisor | Lighthouse Planning Partners

Energetic, honest, and caring, Jason is committed to always putting his clients’ needs first. He thoroughly enjoys the process of getting to know his clients and their families so he can better design strategies for their unique situations. He believes every time he interacts with a client provides an opportunity to help them and be blessed by the interaction.

Jason is Series 65 licensed. He is also licensed to sell property, casualty and life insurance in three states. This allows him to use his expertise to help clients protect what they value most and assist them in reaching their retirement income goals. He takes pride in knowing he can find the right strategies for them for preserving and growing their retirement income. He likes working at a firm where they are able to see the entire game—both the defense and the offense—when it comes to retirement income planning that includes a comprehensive system for liability protection, wealth accumulation, and tax planning.

Jason graduated with his Bachelor of Science in general science from the University of Central Arkansas. When he’s not in the office, he enjoys working out, watching sports, going to church, and spending time with his wife and three daughters.

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