Free Taxes & Retirement Workshop at Bigelow Free Public Library

Optimizing Your Tax Strategy & Navigating Market Volatility

Bigelow Free Public Library
54 Walnut St.
Clinton, MA 01510

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– Bigelow Free Public Library on September 1 at 6:00 p.m.

This event is not sponsored or affiliated with the Bigelow Free Public Library.

Attend this workshop to learn:

How the expected passing of the SECURE Act 2.0 may impact your retirement income and tax plan.

What's changing for taxes and Social Security in 2022².

Why today’s current economic environment may be one of the most challenging to retire and what to do about it.

Strategies to help protect your assets from rising taxes, market volatility and inflation now regardless of the next tax policy.

Planning for longevity, inflation and future tax increases to help ensure you won’t OUTLIVE your money in retirement.

When to claim Social Security in order to minimize tax consequences and maximize your benefits.​

How to plan for RMDs and strategically time your withdrawals so you don’t get hit with a big tax burden. Hint: The recent SECURE Act has made significant changes that impact RMDs.​

How to you may be able to create a customized retirement income & tax minimization strategy tailored to your unique needs & situation.

Understanding other common risks and mistakes that may derail your retirement plans and how you may be able to avoid them.​

Why attend?

This workshop combines two empowering elements:

Professional Insight

Live instruction from knowledgeable professionals, in an engaging, easy-to-understand format on new and up-to-date strategies.

Actionable Next Steps

Upon completion, we hope you’ll be better prepared to take the necessary steps to create your own retirement income and tax minimization strategy based on your goals.

About Taxes Declassified Workshops

The rules of retirement have changed for a retiring generation.

Two of the most common concerns people have about retirement are replacing their current income and running out of money. You may feel confident in how much money you’ve saved for retirement, but the job doesn’t stop there. Without a proper plan in place, market volatility, inflation, healthcare expenses, taxes and more can eat away at your retirement savings and leave you vulnerable to outliving your income.

This is a fun and informative workshop covering many different topics important to those aged 55 and older. With the changing tax rules and financial landscape, coupled with international uncertainty, it’s imperative that you understand the potential impact of these variables on your retirement income. Proper planning can help you maximize the amount of income you receive throughout retirement and avoid any unexpected surprises!

Preparing for retirement has never been more challenging than it is today. By attending this enlightening workshop, we hope you’ll walk away with a better understanding of how to preserve your assets, maximize your retirement income, reduce market risk and lower your taxes by creating a comprehensive retirement plan based on your needs and desired lifestyle. Don’t miss out on this important information and the chance to learn how to be better prepared for life’s biggest journey!

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Bigelow Free Public Library
54 Walnut St.
Clinton, MA 01510

Event Options:

– Bigelow Free Public Library on September 1 at 6:00 p.m.

Seating is limited. Sign up today to guarantee your seats. Open to the general public. No charge to attend!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is presenting?

We partner with various local financial professionals that have the credentials, background and knowledge to help people learn how to plan for a successful retirement.

Greg Lavelle, MBA of Founder | Retirement Advisers will be the featured presenter for this workshop.

Who is this workshop for?

Our workshops are meant for anyone who has recently entered retirement or is nearing retirement anytime in the next 1 to 10 years. Anyone who wants to make sure they have covered all their bases and have the knowledge they need to create a comprehensive retirement income plan that they can be confident in will want to attend this workshop.

Will there be a “sales pitch”?

No, our workshops are strictly informational. While our presenters may provide information on their company and services, guests have no obligation to engage with any Taxes Declassified speakers during or after the workshop. We do vet out our presenters to make sure we have qualified and knowledgeable financial professionals presenting who specialize in various areas of retirement planning.

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The information contained herein is based on our understanding of current tax law. The tax and legislative information may be subject to change and different interpretations. We recommend that you seek professional legal advice for applicability to your personal situation.

By providing your information, you give consent to be contacted about the possible sale of an insurance or annuity product. Licensed Insurance Professional. Attend and learn how annuities and life insurance can be used in various stages of planning for retirement income. This presentation is not intended to be legal or tax advice. The presenter can provide information, but not advice related to social security benefits. Clients should seek guidance from the Social Security Administration regarding their particular situation. The presenter may be able to identify potential retirement income gaps and may introduce insurance products, such as an annuity, as a potential solution. Social Security benefit payout rates can and will change at the sole discretion of the Social Security Administration. For more information, please consult a local Social Security Administration office, or visit